Monday, May 25, 2020


It's been slightly more than five years since the last entry in this blog. If your (or my) existence coincided solely with when postings were made here, then our last frame of consciousness would have been May 15, 2015. That is, until today when you and I plopped down smack in the midst of a pandemic, the Covid-19 Pandemic, to be exact.

What's with everyone wearing masks? And seemingly terrified of proximity with one another? Has everyone gone radioactive?  

Turn on the news and that would provide a quick education as to what's going on. We'd learn about the virus (98%), a brief update on the weather (1%), and gape at sports played to empty arenas (1%).


Well, in reality we do know what is going on and as far as filling in the 5 year gap from the last post, maybe I'll get around to it and maybe not. While putting up with this current "sheltering in place" and, in less PC terms, "lockdown" or "revocation of rights," I started reading the posts I've made here, starting with the first one back in 2008 and working my way forward.

Recently I had pondered writing an autobiography, both for posterity's sake and also something to give the kids so that they wouldn't be as clueless about me as I unfortunately am about my own parents. So far procrastination had outweighed my good intentions.

Then I started reading my own blog and noted that a good deal of the earlier posts recounted the things that have stuck most in my mind up through college. I realized, hey, there it is, already written!  I figure a good deal of what I'd be putting in an autobiography is already in this blog.  What a time saver! What I plan on doing is cutting and pasting all of it into one massive Word file/book since all of it exists nowhere else except on this site.

That'll give me something to occupy my time while waiting out this lockdown.

Our current state of things brings to mind one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite groups because the eerily bizarre lyrics seem prophetic to these eerily bizarre times. Here's a YouTube version but in case it gets taken down (like the majority of the YouTubes I had posted in previous blog entries, leaving only a hole in the ground where they used to be), I'm also reprinting the lyrics.

"King Of The World" (Walter Becker & Donald Fagen)

Hello one and all
Was it you I used to know
Can't you hear me call
On this old ham radio
All I got to say
I'm alive and feeling fine
If you come my way
You can share my poison wine

No marigolds in the promised land
There's a hole in the ground
Where they used to grow
Any man left on the Rio Grande
Is the king of the world
As far as I know

I won't take your bread
I don't need no helping hand
I can't be no savage
I can't be no highwayman
Show me where you are
You and I will spend this day
Driving in my car
Through the ruins of Santa Fe


I'm reading last year's papers
Although I don't know why
Assassins cons and rapers
Might as well die

If you come around
No more pain and no regrets
Watch the sun go brown
Smoking cobalt cigarettes
There's no need to hide
Taking things the easy way
If I stay inside
I might live til Saturday


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