Thursday, May 28, 2020


I've written before about how much I hate getting a haircut. It isn't so much the haircut itself, but the time it takes to go to the barber and then possibly have to wait that is what I don't like.

Now in my elementary school days, I hated haircuts because of the above, plus being laughed at the next day in school over the damage my FOB barber did. On haircut day my dad would come home from work and we'd go to this barber shop where two elderly Japanese men who spoke no English cut hair. I had no idea what they were saying, and all of the magazines to read while waiting were in Japanese so I had no idea what those said, either. And most of the time we had to wait.

In this pandemic time with barbers and hair salons being closed, lots of hair is growing long. I see it during Zoom meetings. But, the longer the salons are closed, more and more hair is being cut at home on a DIY basis. Honestly, unless someone has a really odd or extreme haircut I don't really pay that much attention. And from the DIY's I've seen for those I know, they've done a pretty good job.

I gave in several weeks ago after getting fed up with my hair feeling too long, so I did a DIY using some clippers I got from Amazon. It didn't turn out too badly, which in large part is because I trimmed everything the same length using the #2 attachment.

The second DIY, I got bolder and tried to shape/fade it using the #1, #2 and #3 attachments. This time the results weren't so good, but then neither were they so bad. And I discovered through these two cuts that I actually enjoy cutting my own hair. I see it as a challenge.

This has led me to decide I'm no longer going to the barber, I'm just going to cut it myself whenever I feel it needs cutting. Making this decision has been remarkably freeing! It's not so much saving money but just the idea that I can cut it whenever I want. I like my barber (despite our opposing political views.. but then never argue politics while someone is cutting your hair) but I would always go on a Wednesday because that's the day she is there and the owner of the shop isn't.

The owner used to cut my hair but one time she wasn't available, so Irene cut it and I liked it so much that I've stuck with her over the years. But being the chicken that I am, I don't want to have to say no if both Grace and Irene are there and my turn comes up with Grace. Instead, I always go on Wednesdays, Grace's day off.

That's moot now, since I've decided to just do it myself. I'll miss Irene, but not enough to keep going for a haircut. I wonder how many other people made the same decision during this lockdown?

As for blades, I got this hair clipper pictured below. It works well and seems to be really sturdy. I'm happy!

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