Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Costco in the senior lane

The past few days I've been looking at old posts I've made in this blog and many of them have to do with my weekly trips to Costco and posting pictures of "finds" for the day.

Well in this time of Covid 19 pandemic, it's no longer a weekly trip but I have a feeling that will resume in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, Julie and I made the trek yesterday. Thankfully, we were able to take advantage of the early senior shopping hour from 9:00-10:00 during weekdays. When we arrived around 9:20, there was a short line for seniors and a longer line for non-seniors who were waiting for the normal 10:00 opening. Our wait was hardly anything; Julie waited in line while I went to get a cart and by the time I returned it was our turn to head in.

The store was pretty crowded, full of seniors and also health care workers who've also been accorded the privilege of the early shopping hour.  Stocks were plentiful on just about everything except they were out of sanitizing wipes. We got what we needed and exited the store at 10:00. By that time there was quite a long line of people snaking through the blocked off parking area so we were glad we were able to go when we did. The gas pumps, which for the last few times I've gone were nearly deserted, were looking back to normal with lines of cars in every lane.

I've got one picture for you, the only "unusual" purchase:

Costco is selling this 10" and 12" set for $29.99, a pretty reasonable price. We don't have any cast iron cookware. Julie was like, what do we need more pans for? I said there's some stuff that just does better with cast iron. I don't really plan on using them that much since they're a pain to care for as compared to non-stick pans, but for times when a lot of heat is needed and/or something that is oven safe, these will do the trick.

Seeing these long lines at Costco reminded me of the long lines back in 1973 when the oil embargo hit. Those of you old enough, remember those times? We certainly weren't used to having to wait in line for gas, and on top of that, prices took a big jump. Gone were the days of gasoline in the high 20's/low 30's cent per gallon range. I remember seeing a news segment back then showing one station charging 54.9 cents per gallon and my jaw dropped. How could we ever afford prices like that???

Then there were the long waits in line, which led to implementing the odd/even rule as to which day you could buy gas, depending on the last digit of your license plate. Maybe they should do that at Costco now, odd/even depending on the last digit of your birth year. One big difference between then and now is while people are (or were) hoarding toilet paper and germ killing solutions, you can't really hoard gasoline.

Well, most people can't hoard gasoline.

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