Friday, May 15, 2015

deja vu

Today I just happened to be looking at an old post from this very blog, in which I mentioned something that I thought was interesting from a book I'd been reading.  Hmm.. that book sounded familiar to me, not in a sense of having read it back then, but in a more current sense.

I headed over to my wish list and lo and behold, there it was, on the list!  

Well gee, I guess I can take that book off my list now, seeing as how I've already read it. 

But then, maybe not. If I can't even remember reading it then maybe I ought to read it again. At least I've been consistent over the past six or so years; what interested me then still interests me now. Since there's several other books I'd like to read and seemingly not enough time to do so since trivial things like having my job get in the way of what I'd really like to do, I'll gladly delete this book from my wish list.

And one of these days I'll actually watch all the movies and TV shows that have piled up in storage boxes in their DVD and Blu Ray cases, and read the unread books and listen to the unlistened-to CD's, too. 

Why not just buy them when I'm ready to watch, read or listen? Because they might not be available, that's why. Another thing I noticed from looking at the old post I linked above, which led me to look at a few more, was that most of the YouTube videos I had embedded on the page were no longer available. Yanked, no doubt, because of copyright issues or whatever, but they were gone with no clue as to what they were even about since I didn't label or title any of them. Only a blank screen was left.