Sunday, March 16, 2014


A few weeks ago I stuck in the 210 Freeway logjam on the way home from work when I spied a white BMW that had this sign taped over its license plate: 


I did a double-take. This wasn't a new car just off a dealer's lot, this was clearly a used car, albeit in nice condition with some custom rims. 

I managed to pull alongside to see who was driving.  It was some white guy on the younger side of middle-aged and he didn't look like he was on drugs or anything.  Beside him was a female passenger. I also managed to pull ahead of him and saw that he had a matching plate on the front of his car.

Maybe if California ever needs to balance its budget again they can offer "Private" plates for an additional fee, like they do with personalized plates.  Maybe this practice would spread to other things, like private drivers licenses or private credit cards.  People could decline to have their picture on their license or passport for an extra fee and in its place would be like what you see on Facebook or Linked In when the account holder hasn't uploaded a picture.

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