Sunday, September 1, 2013


I'll admit it, I've been nosy. I've been looking up high school yearbook pictures of people I know, over at  It's interesting mentally morphing the yearbook pictures to the persons as they now are.

Some time ago in this very blog, five years ago this month to be a little more precise, I wrote about my obsession or infatuation with someone with whom I worked in the student store at UCLA.  At the time I thought she was the best-looking girl I'd ever known.

The thing is, as the years passed (and it's been quite a while since my college days), I couldn't even remember what she looked like.  I had no pictures of her, either.  I always wondered if she was indeed as good-looking as what I thought back then.  A few years ago I did find her on Facebook.  I never sent her a friend request since that was so long ago and heck, maybe she wouldn't even remember me, but it was useful just to see what she looked like in the present day. 

Present-day she was nice-looking, but not at all my idea of  the "best." But that was present day and my "best" notion was based on years ago. 

The other day I found a few pictures of her in her high school yearbook, courtesy of Classmates. Granted, this was high school and not college, but it was only a little more than a two-year difference in time so she couldn't have changed that much. 

It was validation time.

I looked at her high school graduation and other senior pictures and honestly, if I didn't know it was her by the name, I wouldn't have recognized her.  It had all faded too far from my memory.

So how did she look?  Was she the best?  Would she have been the best back then?

Well, same as present day, she was nice looking but I guess I was really infatuated back in the student store. I could see why I'd like her, especially when she smiled, and we got along very well having plenty to talk about (when I suppose we should have been working). In the upper percentiles, but not the "best."

What I thought was funny was how I didn't even recognize her in the pictures.  So much for my memory. But one thing was very satisfying, and that was having the opportunity for validation.

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