Monday, September 23, 2013

global constant temp

There's an article in today's Los Angeles Times about how scientists are puzzled as to why the earth's average surface temperature hasn't increased over the past few years.  The Global Warming theory would call for rising temperatures, and this hasn't happened since just before the start of this century.

Those who believe Global Warming is a myth point to this lack of temperature rise as supporting their contention.

Meanwhile, scientists who believe Global Warming is a truth, albeit an inconvenient one, are scrambling to provide possible explanations as to why the temperature hasn't increased as would be expected under their theory.

Personally, I believe the reason the temperature hasn't increased is because Global Warming is a myth. That's not to say we should not take better care of our earth's resources and treat our environment better, but that all too often people take whatever scientists have to say as fact.  When in fact, as in the case of the theory of evolution, it is far from fact. 

So many people have declared to me that evolution is a "proven fact."  When I state my belief that God created the universe, I am told that I am close minded and on top of that, evolution is a proven fact. Just like there are people out there who will tell you Global Warming is a proven fact.  They aren't facts.

One thing to remember is that people have agendas.  Scientists are not like they are pictured in science fiction movies, or like the Professor on Gilligan's Island - they are not people who know everything and who are always objective and Mr. Spock-like unemotional about everything as they calmly and rationally present their findings.  They are all humans and they all have various motives for what they do.  Spin exists within the scientific community, same as it does anywhere else.

Now they are scrambling about trying to find an explanation as to why their theory doesn't seem to be working as it should. Maybe Global Warming is real and maybe it isn't, but regardless, when someone says, "Just the facts, ma'am," don't assume that scientists are any better qualified at presenting them than anyone else in this world.

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