Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The Los Angeles Times reported today that a computer glitch has resulted in 80,000 people in California currently collecting unemployment to have not received their checks since September 1.

That's indeed a serious problem and as you might expect, many are angry about this.  A state senator had this to say about it:
Some are angry and upset. Some simply need the checks so they can pay the bills.  If this is prolonged, then it will cause ripple effects for people who can't pay their living expenses.
An economist at Cal State Channel Islands added this bit of wisdom:
It's a serious and critical situation.  Many people receiving benefits, they live check to check. If it's delayed even a day, it could mean that they can't eat.
Now, in no way am I downplaying the serious nature of this situation.  I hope this can be rectified quickly. But the purpose of this blog post is to ask, just exactly what is so rocket science that these quotes had to be obtained?  Isn't what they said merely common sense?  I mean, any fool would know this without having to have some politician tell you the first thing and some "expert" tell you the second.

Now had they responded with something like, 
The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side.  Oh joy, rapture!  I've got a brain!
Then that would be real wisdom, eh? 

Okay, sarcasm aside, so often there is "expert commentary" that is added to things that really are nothing more than common sense, or observations that any ordinary person of reasonable, average intelligence could surmise. That goes for sports commentary, political commentary, or these quotes from newspapers.

Yet it seems we all need it. Just like how people like to leave the lights on in a room even if they aren't in it, or they leave the television on even if they aren't watching it.  We seem to want the comfort and security of noise.

Just think what life would be like if all the unnecessary stuff went unsaid instead of said. I guess there would be too much uncomfortable silence. You wouldn't have my blog to read either, I suppose.

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