Monday, August 12, 2013

the road not traveled

Not too long ago I received a Facebook friend request from an elementary school classmate.  I haven't seen him since junior high but I remembered his name right away and also recalled what he looked like back then.  The below photo is posted on his Facebook page (click the picture to see it in its entirety):

I'm not in it (so no, that's not me 2nd to the right in the 2nd row) because I spent the 6th grade at a different elementary school.

Even though it has been such a long time, I still recognized and remembered the names of a lot of my former classmates.  Would I recognize them as they are today?  Aside from Michael Jones (4th row up, third from the right), one of my best buddies that I got together with a few years ago, I haven't seen most of them since junior high at the latest.

I wonder how, if anything, my life today would be any different had I been in the above picture instead of a different 6th grade class at a different school?  Of course there's no real answer to that. Lives can be affected just by a butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the world and we never know what's ahead of us later in the day.  But it's fun to speculate and reminisce. I'm glad I went to 36th Street School and wouldn't trade those times for anything else.

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