Saturday, August 10, 2013


Recently someone in an audio forum in which I participate posted a link to an article about how soda is the public health enemy #1, it being so very bad for you. That triggered a discussion about how much soda was consumed by the forum participants. The results, as you might guess, were pretty varied with some folks saying they rarely if ever drink soda and some consuming quite a bit.

Some said they'd like to drink water but they want something that has taste to it, and they and others listed the healthier alternatives they drink instead of soda.

Me, many years ago I used to drink about a can a day of regular soda. These days I drink mainly water with my meals although when having fast food I'll get a Diet Coke. I also have a bottle of iced tea most mornings.  But mainly I consume water, and most of that is filtered tap water at room temperature.

Room temperature? Ugh!  I used to feel the same way about water as many other people do, which is that there's no taste to it and I wanted something with taste. Then when I started drinking more water, it had to be ice cold because room temperature water was so blah.

I got used to it, though.

These days I am fine with drinking water at room temperature.  I used to not like salads and veggies and stuff like that too, but once I started eating them more often, I got used to it. In fact I look forward to having a salad each day, and on days when I have few vegetables or fruits, I don't feel right about that.

Regarding foods that are bad for you - do we really need all these studies out there telling us so?  It seems to me that it ought to be fairly intuitive what foods are healthy and which ones are not.  Such studies just confirm what people already know anyway. Now once in a while you may get some controversial finding that upsets the cart, like how research showed the benefits of drinking red wine. Prior to that, people probably thought all wine did was make you get drunk and it wasn't good to consume alcohol.

The thing is, even though red wine has an ingredient in it that is supposed to be good for you, it is stupid to consume a lot of wine and get yourself drunk just for that reason because the negative effects of doing so outweigh any positive effects.  It's like how the Apostle Paul asked the question, if God shows us His grace by forgiving our sins, does that mean we should sin even more so we can enjoy more grace? 

It's a matter of common sense and moderation, a couple of things that seem to be in increasingly short supply in our society.  A person has to make their own decisions and make, sensible wise choices not only about what they consume, but about their life in general.  Often these "studies" are just a veiled attempt by people who have an agenda to legislate decisions and choices, to tell people what they can and cannot choose (New York being a shameful example).  The focus ought to be on facilitating the use of common sense.

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