Thursday, August 1, 2013

enjoy the day

The other day a friend was telling me about her recent Canadian vacation with a few of her long-time school friends. Initially they took these vacations every three years but decided to make it an annual event - to enjoy life before they got too old to go on such vacations.

We both agreed, you have to make the most of life at the moment, since who knows what is ahead of us even in the next minute. A mutual friend of ours, 55 years old, suddenly died from an aneurysm. In the morning he was fine, preparing his specialty breakfast for one of his daughters prior to her taking the SAT, and that afternoon he went into a coma and died without regaining consciousness.  The husband of a coworker suffered a massive heart attack while driving a van pool and was gone before they could get him to a hospital. You just never know what is in store.

That's not to advocate being reckless and partying like there's no tomorrow like the grasshopper instead of the ant, but only God knows what lies ahead for each of us and we should make the most of what He provides using the wisdom He gives us. There's got to be a balance between now and later; I understand the wisdom of delay of gratification as a means of preparing for the future but life's for enjoyment now, too.

Someone put it nicely, asking, "when you're on your death bed are you really going to regret not working that extra hour of overtime?"  That puts it into perspective although I suspect there are some folks out there who just might have those regrets.

My cousin told me there are some 250,000 elderly Japanese being kept alive by feeding tubes. When my folks were in a skilled nursing facility, I'd look around at the residents during my visits and at least from my current perspective, I have no desire to be so old that I can't really "enjoy" life. Perhaps the definition of "enjoy" will change as I get older.

For now, I agree with my friend who had her recent vacation - do what you can now while you're able to do it.

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