Saturday, July 6, 2013

slow bus

I think South Korea has the slowest buses.  What makes me say that, even though I've never been there?

Watching Korean dramas.

Invariably a scene takes place in which the female lead gets on a bus. The male lead, who has been desperately searching for her, sees her get on but the bus takes off before he can get aboard so he chases the bus for about 8 blocks before it finally gets beyond his hope of catching up to it.

How long can you run and keep up with a bus?  Even if you could do it for 8 blocks the exhaust fumes would knock you out. 

I've also always wondered why in South Korea that when someone in standing in the middle of the street, drivers see them, honk at them, but instead of stopping they run over that person.  So it must also be pretty unsafe over there.

In the United States, one of these days we will have a law that limits how fast buses can drive. It will be called the "no passenger left behind" act.  We will also have pedestrian lanes in the middle of the highway or street if people want to stand there for whatever reason, because by then that sort of thing will be politically correct and we will redefine the word "highway" and "street."

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