Tuesday, July 16, 2013

see world

We were on vacation last week, spending a few days down in the San Diego area.  We stayed at a great bed and breakfast place in Carlsbad called the Pelican Cove Inn.

Pretty much our entire Monday was spent at Sea World, from a few minutes after they opened, until closing time. I don't see how big families can afford to go to these entertainment parks but apparently they can, evidenced by how crowded it was.  It's a matter of priorities, I guess.

Our "discount" tickets cost $64 each.  Parking was $15. We thought about going outside the park for meals but decided for convenience's sake as well as not really knowing where in the area to go, that it was simpler just to remain captive and eat there.

We ended up purchasing a couple of "Meal Deals" which, for $32.99 each plus tax, entitled us to unlimited food from the main four eateries in the park. For each visit we could get an entree, a side or dessert, and a drink.  Considering a hamburger, fries and drink would set you back at least $16, it made sense to get the deal and have lunch, dinner and some mid-day snacks instead of paying for everything separately.

The food wasn't bad as far as amusement parks go. We ended up getting our money's worth and came out ahead, that's for sure. For dinner we got the BBQ combo that was supposed to include baby back ribs, pork ribs and beef brisket but they ran out of brisket and gave us extra ribs instead.

So that brings me to the real purpose of this post which is to ask what is so special about baby back ribs?

They are small. Sure the meat is tender but there isn't much of it. I guess because they were so small, the ones we got were well done and a bit tough. I thought the regular pork ribs were better - more meat, a better meat to bone ratio (I hate dealing with bones) and they tasted just fine. And they cost less, too.

Anyway, we had a fun day going to see Sea World. We both came back looking like lobsters from being out in the sun all day and not having the foresight to bring sun screen or caps.  With caps being $21.95, we opted to look like lobsters.

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