Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Costco tour

Those who have read my earlier posts in this blog know I am a Costco fanatic. So when we go on vacation (or go anywhere, for that matter), if there is a Costco in the area or even reasonably close, I want to check it out.

This time we went to five of them.  Irvine, on the way down there, then in the San Diego area we visited the Mission Valley, Vista and Carlsbad locations, and on the way home stopped at Tustin. The one that we perhaps should have visited but didn't is the original barn-like location in closer to the heart of San Diego.

Just like the last time we were down that way, nearly four years ago, I came back wondering why do the San Diego area locations have a better selection of stuff than the ones up here?  For example, the wine selection is much wider at the three we visited, as was the food selection.  A couple have on-premise sushi chefs making what looked to me sushi that is far superior to the prepackaged stuff I see up here. I didn't look at the non-edible stuff as thoroughly but from what I saw, the selection of those items were larger as well.  Irvine was pretty decent but it still fell short of it's southern siblings. Tustin.. well, it was a waste of time visiting Tustin.

Maybe it's a good thing that the Costcos on our area don't have as wide a selection as the ones we visited down south because that would just mean a more depleted wallet.

Anyway, those are my observations/lamentations.

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