Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's been over a month since I was laid off from work.  I'm looking for employment but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the time off during this "temporary retirement" or "vacation" or "time between jobs" or whatever you want to call it.

My idea of retirement was of being able to go to sleep as late as I wanted (and whenever I wanted) and the same for waking up - whenever I wanted. Throw away the alarm clock.  So how am I doing in that regard?

I still wake up early and go running in the morning while it is still relatively cool outside. There's an alarm clock on the days Julie works so I get up with that or sometimes before if my eyes open, and on the days she isn't working I wake up early anyway.  Then in the afternoon I take a walk which I like because it's my time to ponder everything that's going on.  And I'm in bed and sleeping before 11:00 each night.

That wasn't really what I was expecting to do, but I like it. Waking up early means I get an early start on things.  What I don't want is to become slothful.  So far, I have not been the least bit bored or without anything to do. In fact, I feel like there still isn't time enough to get everything done that I'd like to do, whatever that may be.

Through this period, I just trust in God. I ask that He give me neither too much or too little.  He always seems to make everything baby bear right.  As a friend told me, "God doesn't make mistakes," and he was absolutely right about that.  I'm looking forward to what the Lord puts before me.

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