Wednesday, July 31, 2013

bee life

Yesterday I noticed there was a little bee on the inside of the kitchen window screen. Maybe it was a wasp.  Hard to tell because it was so small but I think it was a bee.

It was just sitting there. A few hours later I came back and it apparently hadn't moved at all.

This morning it was still there. Same place.

I was wondering, what is this bee thinking, anyway? Well, I know a bee doesn't really think, per se, but I wondered if it had any concept of time. On top of that I wondered if it wasn't getting hungry. Maybe something is running through its little brain, recharging it or doing some other maintenance function.

I see other animals motionless for long periods and wonder the same thing, if they have a concept of time.

On the other hand maybe animals look at people staring at a television for hours on end and wonder the same thing about those people.

In my previous post I mentioned how I am on "temporary retirement."  Maybe that bee was on the same status?  I sure wouldn't want to spend retirement that way, though.  At least in the evening the bee was gone so I hope it found a way to get out of the house.

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