Sunday, July 21, 2013

15 cents

In honor of their founder, Der Wienerschnitzel rolled back prices on their hot dogs to the original 1961 premier price of 15 cents today (Sunday July 21).  Unlike 1961, however, there was a limit of one per person imposed.

I was hesitant about going as I didn't feel like dealing with a big crowd of people lined up to take advantage of this bargain price. To my surprise, when we got there a bit after 11:30, it wasn't crowded at all. Julie and I each got a 15-cent dog (16 cents including tax) but you can't just have one chili dog, now can you?  With some fries and drinks the total came out to just under ten bucks, which for these days is still pretty reasonable.

How did it taste?  Just like it did when I tried my first one back in the 60's, when they were 18 cents apiece. Even back in those days that was a bargain price.  As I recall, it took them a while to offer french fries, however. No junk/fast food meal is complete without french fries.  I like Der Wienerschnitzel chili dogs - it's a great combination of ingredients!

How does the chili compare to Tommy's?  It has a more normal color than the Tommy's radioactive orange, that's for sure, but I think each is just right for what they cover. A Tommy's burger wouldn't be the same with Der Wienerschnitzel chili on it, and vice versa.  The first time I visited Tommy's was at the original location, enduring the long line, after seeing Chicago at the Forum.  They had no french fries either, but they did have potato chips.  I ate a couple of the burgers and had a horrible case of indigestion afterwards.

Those were the good old days - 18 cent chili dogs, 25 cent Jack in the Box mystery meat tacos..

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