Monday, October 1, 2012

irresponsible part 2

Hey, two days in a rowI've got something on my mind so I'm writing. Does that follow that for all the days during the long gap prior that I was mindless? I'm afraid so.

Along the same vein as yesterday's post, The Onion published another article, this one saying that 77% of rural white folks in this country would rather vote for Iranian president Ahmadinejad than Obama. Even the Iranian news agency believed it - they picked up the story and ran with it as fact. 

Does that go to show how dangerous the press is, or how stupid people are? Probably a mixture of both, although I'd have to say I would probably vote for Ahmadinejad myself rather than Obama. At least the other guy says what is really on his mind. 

If you'd like to see the story, click here.  

Like I said yesterday, these days it is difficult to tell fact from fantasy, and even what is supposed to be fact (the mainstream media) is questionable. A recent poll said 60% do not trust what the media says. However, I believe that while a majority say they don't trust the media, they are still more than happy to quote from them whenever something fits with the agenda they are trying to push.

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