Thursday, October 4, 2012


Remember way back in the days of Dos, or with the early versions of Windows, when a monstrous hard drive was 10 MBI remember getting my first 20 MB hard drive and thinking wow, so much space!  So much empty room on this hard drive!  Same thing with the RAM.

Of course now we're talking terabytes and growing. 

While it is nice to have so much more hard drive space and also in a smaller package, I believe that the earlier limitations on space forced software designers to create more elegant, efficient solutions. They had to figure out how to write programs that were compact enough to fit on the limited hard drive space of the day, and also make do with the amount of available RAM.

As hard drives and RAMS kept increasing, it did allow for expansion of features, etc., but it also meant an increased tolerance for sloppiness and bloat - you didn't have to be elegant and efficient anymore with your code because there was room on the hard drive for it. 

So this results in software that grows increasingly large, bloated and inefficient.   Also software that is more easily and frequently corrupted.

Now, just do a search and replace of what I just wrote, taking out the word "software" and replacing it with "government."

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