Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm back.. but for who knows how long. But in the meantime..

My cousin sent me an e-mail conveying his displeasure with Mitt Romney. Why?  Because of Romney's insensitive, insulting remarks about how America does not owe Japanese Americans any apologies for the way they were incarcerated in internment camps during World War II. 

I hadn't heard about this and wanted to read about it myself so I did a Google search. The result came up with a link to a web page on The Onion.

Oh, The Onion. 

I shook my head and wrote back to my cousin. The Onion, I said, is a satiric publication and that article is just made up. 

He wrote back and told me that he had originally received the notice from his second cousin, who was so incensed that she fired off e-mails to everyone she knew, slamming Romney for his remarks. Now she had to do a retraction. I hope she did a retraction

The thing is, how many folks out there don't know it's a joke?  That's what is sad.  So many will just take it at face value and not bother to do any fact checking. And the flurry of irresponsible e-mails will continue. These days while you know you can't believe what is written in The Onion, unfortunately you don't know if you can believe the "real" media sources, either.     

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