Saturday, February 25, 2012

what's in a name

Yeah I know it has been a while... I just haven't had the time or inclination to really write anything. During the day I will come up with what I think are compelling things to write about but when I get home the batteries in my brain have all been drained and I don't feel like writing.

But here's just something quick..

I was thinking about how celebrities make such a hoopla over their babies - like giving them ridiculous, weird, fancy or unusual names, and going over the top by selfishly taking up entire floors of hospitals to turn giving birth into a real event. 

Well, here is really the most fantastic name you can give your baby, and it is a unisex name at that:


Yup, name your baby "One."  What could make anyone more important than that? Right away, it tells everyone, back off, because I am first priority. I am one. 

Now to make it even more special is the way it would be pronounced.  Like this:


So some dimwit is going down the list reading off the names and ignorantly calls out, "One!" (as in "won") and then jokingly says, uh, did your parents intend to name you "Juan?"

Then that person can be firmly and confidently corrected. "Excuse me, but the name is O-Nay. In the future, please respect that."

Later at dinner that night the humiliated person can give a recount of the day to his understanding wife.  "Sharon, I was so embarrassed today."

"Uh excuse me, that's Shar-rone."

"Not 'Shar-ro-nay?'"


donna said...

Goofy post, Rickie. I know there is a lot to names. Naughty kids names, I know from being in the classroom and meeting a lot of them. I won't divulge them though. lol
Remember Rob Morrow of Northern Exposure? His daughter's name is Tu.
Yep, Tu Morrow.

Rickie Miyake said...

Gee you still read this? I thought whoever looked at this blog gave up by now since I hardly post. Thanks for reading!

Poor Tu.. don't parents realize what they do to their kids with these cutey pie names?

Well, One ought to get married to Tu then they can be One and Tu (although it would be pronounced Onay and Tay-ooh).

Anonymous said...

There was a story on Yahoo about naming kids, and one of the people making comments mentioned a person named Ima Hogg. The person is real, from Texas, you can look it up in Wikipedia.