Wednesday, January 4, 2012

shampoo revisited

A little while ago I mentioned that I found a Kirkland product that I wasn't crazy about - their latest shampoo. I said it felt too thick and didn't rinse well and it didn't get my hair squeaky clean.  So I bought a bottle of Suave which I liked more because it got my hair squeaky clean.

Well..  I have since switched back to the Kirkland shampoo.  The Suave was just too watery. I would put it on my head and then have to race to lather it up before it ran off my scalp and disappeared down the drain. The Kirkland shampoo, on the other hand, could be described as thick and luxurious. You certainly don't need much of it. While it still does feel thick and my hair doesn't squeak after using it, it just feels better as long as I rinse it out well enough. 

Yeah, I know.. exciting post, haha. 

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