Monday, January 2, 2012

the new year

New Year's day fell on a Sunday this year, which it does every so often I suppose. That means the Rose Parade and all the football games are deferred to Monday.

I remember growing up, we'd always go to my grandmother's house on New Year's and she would make many of the traditional Japanese foods, most of which I refused to eat. I was a very conventional person food-wise and was unwilling to try all of those "strange" things; I stuck with the familiar. It was in line with how I'd only eat fried rice and chow mein at Chinese restaurants. 

When New Year fell on a Sunday, I found it very boring because there was nothing to watch on television. My grandmother spoke little English, and there was not much for me to do. The stores were all closed, too.  

Come to think of it, back then we would normally visit my grandmother on Sundays, and stores used to be closed every Sunday.  Trying to find any store open on major holidays was pretty much impossible, not like these days. 

How was your Christmas and New Year?  Here's to a good 2012 for you all. 

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