Thursday, January 26, 2012

more shampoo

Have I nothing better to do than blog about shampoo? I guess not.. last time I reported I went back to using the Kirkland shampoo because the Suave turned out to be too watery.  In the meantime, I also bought a bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo since Costco had a coupon for it. 

The Herbal Essence smells nice. It has coconut in it and is an attractive blue. But this is one odd shampoo. Or else as I get older, my hair gets odder.  When I use this shampoo, it leaves my hair feeling really thick - like a carpet.  No squeaky clean feeling there!  Now this is supposed to be hydrating shampoo so maybe they add ingredients to make your hair feel heavy but smooth.

My hair is pretty darn short now (not as short as Walter's in Breaking Bad, but pretty short) so it doesn't feel that heavy or weighed down but I would like it to at least squeak a bit after I shampoo it. Now it feels like it is coated. 

That's my latest shampoo report. 

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