Friday, December 2, 2011


Well it has been a very odd past few days, what with the winds that ripped through our neighborhood and electricity that went out around 1:00 am early Thursday morning and still hasn't been restored as I write this (I am writing this during lunch at work on Friday, where the power is fine - it should be the other way around, don't you think?).

Looks like we'll have to throw out all the food in the fridge, even though the house feels like it is under refrigeration since the heater won't go on. Thankfully the water heater still works. Sections of fences of both sides of our house were blown down by the winds. Downed trees are lying all over the place and it was an eerie feeling driving from the house to the freeway on Thursday and Friday morning because of signals being out, hardly any traffic, and the whole place looking like a disaster area. It was like being in one of those movies taking place during the aftermath of a war.

It was also quite the experience of coming home on Thursday and having to use candles and flashlights. Such a terrifying time not being able to access the internet or watch television! What's odd is our next door neighbor on the north side has power. Everyone from us going south is out. I should have just run a long extension cord from one of his outlets.

As of now, SCE still has no real idea when power will be restored.

It's all relative, though - think of those who have suffered through real disasters and have to live without electricity for a much longer time. Or those people who don't even have electricity to begin with. Just another reason to be thankful..


donna said...

Wow so sorry to hear of all your troubles. With all the cutbacks on city services, trees might stay there awhile. Hope they restore your electricity soon. Guess it's too late for coolers and ice....
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that generally things are OK. They showed scenes on TV where electrical lines and trees all were toppled over.