Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why even bother?

I see that in all likelihood, Herman Cain is going to withdraw from running for a presidential nomination on Saturday. That isn't surprising, given the recent downturn in the polls following this scandal over his alleged mistress.

The thing is, why do people with skeletons in their closets bother to run in the first place? Don't they know in this day and age that you can't hide anything? Of course, there is no one without sin in their lives so whoever runs is going to have something that they are ashamed of (or should be ashamed of, since it seems that there are those who ought to be ashamed but aren't) but when it comes to those things, some are worse than others.

Definitely murder and adultery are a couple of things that will make it difficult to be elected. Now, once you are in office that's a different story (such as slick Willy Clinton) but first you have to get there and then it becomes quite a chore to try and get you out. With the way candidates do nothing but sling the mud these days, it doesn't even matter if you are completely perfect. I'm sure they would find something horrible to say about Jesus Christ if He ran for office.

The other thing I wonder about is why do people run for political office in the first place? I know you can't say there is just one reason for everyone, but it seems to me that the main reason people do this is not to really try and help out the country, but because they have their own agenda that they want to push through, and they are power-hungry. They also want to get filthy rich, or at least take money without really earning it. That's what I think. And I know I am right for at least 99% of it.

Even if you do run with the best of intentions, that quickly gets set aside once you enter the actual political machine and it becomes a matter of "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

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