Thursday, December 15, 2011


I am always surprised (and pleasantly) when I hear "Christmas" mentioned in the media in a positive way. I find it sad that there is so much pressure to eliminate that word from our vocabulary and replace it with the innocuous, oh so politically correct word "holiday." 

True, not everyone is a Christian and not everyone celebrates Christmas but that doesn't negate the fact that Christmas is Christmas. It is what it is. No one forces you to celebrate it and no one should force you not to celebrate it. Or try and change the name. 

It's getting to the point where I am expecting to watch "A Charlie Brown Holiday" on television, featuring the song "Holiday-time is Here" and listening to Linus explain to Charlie Brown what the real meaning of Holiday is towards the end of the show because the PC people have chopped it all up. 

You can wish me a happy Hanukkah or any number of non-Christian celebratory greetings and I will appreciate the thought behind it. I'm not going to lift up my finger and go, uh, excuse me but I don't believe in that.  

What's up next?  The Occupy Christmas movement?  I can just see our current PC president supporting it, too.  This morning I noticed the results of a new ABC poll showed unfavorable views of him have reached a new high. This, despite his self-serving, thinly veiled election campaigning that he did on 60 Minutes this past Sunday. 

Yes, no matter what anyone does, Christmas is still Christmas. That can't be changed and it can't be circumvented despite the best efforts of some.  Thank God for that.  May you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

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