Friday, December 9, 2011

chocolate cookies

This morning when I got to work I noticed that someone had left a box of cookies (those delicious chocolate-dipped ones Costco sells in the big tins) in the lunch room with a note inviting people to help themselves.

I removed the lid and was greeted by all sorts of temptations. I was also kind of surprised that there were still so many cookies in there, since treats like this tend to disappear quickly in our office.

I decided which one I wanted and picked it up. Or tried to pick it up; it was stuck to the other cookies of its type in its compartment. Apparently the chocolate had melted. So I chose another one but the same thing happened. Same thing happened with the 3rd one.

I was standing there feeling kind of bad because I touched all those cookies and put my germs on them for the next person. I figured they're all melted together so I put the lid back and gave up. Besides, most likely I wasn't the first one who tried what I did and wound up putting their fingers all over the cookies so heck, I didn't want to eat anything someone else had touched already.

That reminded me of a meeting I went to several months ago. Someone brought a package of cookies in a tray. I was watching the person next to me as he slowly picked up one of the cookies, examined it and then put it back into the tray. He did this with several other ones before finally choosing one, leaving behind all of the tainted ones for the next unsuspecting person to select. It left me wondering, what are these people thinking, anyway? Keep your fingers to yourselves!!

That said, I guess I am worse than anyone. When I was about 4 or 5 my dad took me to the Christmas lunch party at his office. The food included trays of bread and lunchmeat to make your own sandwiches. I picked up one of the rolls and took a bite from it to see what it tasted like. I didn't really care for it so I put it back on the tray. There it sat, one roll of many but this one had a bite taken out of it. I wonder what people were thinking.


donna said...

So how often do you think I see this at school with the pre-k? I'd never eat anything in that room if the kids were free to "choose" what they wanted. Grosses me out just thinking about it.

Rickie Miyake said...

Kinda makes you sort of throw up in your mouth a little bit, haha..