Monday, December 12, 2011

Chicago vs. The Band

Way back in high school I had an ongoing feud disagreement with a couple of classmates as to the merits of what was then my favorite band, Chicago, versus their darling, The Band.  I called their band a bunch of hicks and they summarily dismissed my band as the choice of immature popish teenyboppers.

They did have the rock critics on their side - Chicago would get mixed reviews whereas the Band were the darlings of critics everywhere.  But then music critics are the music world equivalent of consultants in the business word.  In other words, people who can't do things for themselves so they make a living blowing their mainly worthless opinions all over the place. 

As Chicago made more and more albums, sort of like the Starbucks of the rock music world in terms of multiplying themselves, I stopped listening to them because they turned into a Las Vegas lounge act. And I also started thinking yes, my foes were correct, the Band was the critically superior group.  Actually, comparing these two groups with such dissimilar musical styles is really apples versus oranges. 

But after all these years, I still love listening to the early Chicago albums (the first 5) and hardly ever listen to The Band (not that I ever did listen to them that much).  The thing is, listening to Chicago is just plain fun.  And it brings back memories of days that were just plain fun, too. You can argue the academics of music day in and day out but, like consultants and politicians, such a thing is worthless, haha..

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