Monday, November 28, 2011

brief vacation

A couple of weeks ago, which now seems like the distant past, we took a brief trip up north, staying in Santa Barbara one night and Ventura the next, and drove back home on Saturday.

Here are some pictures:

After reading a bunch of Yelp reviews, I made reservations at the Castillo Inn. Good choice! I couldn't believe what a nice room we got, at a bargain price (Thursday night, off-season, $79 - same thing would be a lot more on weekends and/or during vacation season). It looks like an average motel or inn from the outside.

Inside, however, was a different story. Our room was spacious and immaculate. No trace of plastic anywhere - real wood furniture (nice wood, not cheap stuff), marble or granite bathroom counter (I'm no home improvement person so I don't know which is which but all I know is it was really nice), real glass cups instead of plastic or styrofoam. Even the ice bucket was solid. This was one very, very nice room.

On top of that, the Inn was literally only 1/2 block from the beach, and about 1/3 of a mile or so from Stearn's Wharf. A lot of places will advertise "walking distance" from the beach, and insist that 4 miles is still "walking distance." This "walking distance" was truly walking distance. Even crawling distance.

The room was "L" shaped (well actually, it was square but the bathroom took up 1/4 of it so the remaining 3/4 was in an "L"), with a sitting area and a flat screen LCD television.

I will post more pictures shortly but I thought I'd start off with the room. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place to anyone, and would sure like to stay there the next time we're up that way.

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