Sunday, November 27, 2011

black friday bargains

How'd y'all do on Black Friday? I wasn't crazy enough to do battle with the crowds. There was absolutely nothing being offered at any of the stores to make it worth my while. I did, however, wake up at 3:00 am to check out the online version of Black Friday at my favorite audio equipment manufacturer. This year they announced their first ever Black Friday sale (actually "Blue Friday," blue being because that is the color of the power lights on their equipment), starting at 5:00 am Central time. In other words, 3:00 am Pacific time.

I couldn't imagine them having anything on sale that I really needed, but curiosity got the better of me. That, plus knowing I could sleep in, convinced me to at least get up and see what was being offered. I was right, there was nothing I needed. I went back to sleep.

I did wind up with one thing on Black Friday, though. We happened to go to a Walgreen's and I spied "Gorilla Tape" on sale. The sign said normally $5.99 for the roll but it was on sale for $1.39. How could I resist? Even though I didn't need any tape, you never know when the need may suddenly arise, right? This product was supposed to be like duct tape only stronger.

Just to see how well I did price-wise, I looked it up on Amazon to see their price. I guess I did pretty good because their price is $6.83. I wound up getting a discount of $131,063.80 off the regular price. Yes, that is correct - see the screen print below (click for a larger verson). So I feel pretty good about my purchasing acumen, even if I don't have a need for this tape at the moment.

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