Sunday, September 25, 2011


The other day I was looking for prices on an appliance and ran across one of those web sites that compares prices across online stores. One store was a lot lower than the others and had very high ratings so I looked both at the store and at the reviews that contributed to the high ratings.

These reviews were on, a site that I have often used in the past when trying to find out if an online store was dependable or not.

After reading several reviews of this online store, BrandsmartUSA, things started to smell. Nearly all of the positive reviews were written with the same style and nearly all mentioned employees by name, which to me was quite suspicious since most reviews never mention names. And the same names were mentioned over and over. Many of the positive reviews had nothing to do with the store but were about the in-home service they received on a major appliance. Also I noticed that this was the only review posted by all these supposedly different persons.

Take a look for yourself: Click here.

There's a link on the ResellerRatings site that you can click to report issues like this, and that's what I did. I said that a lot of the reviews seem to be written by the same person and look phony. I got an e-mail from them today saying they would investigate.

It made me wonder just how many reviews out there are planted? I know a lot of the ones on Amazon are, especially for books. For example, many business books seem to be reviewed by the same old good 'ol boy network that goes around patting each other on the back, same as politicians do.

Pretty pathetic, if you ask me! At least if you are going to make up reviews like that, mix it up a little bit in terms of style.

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