Saturday, September 17, 2011


I found out today that the back of my workplace building is going to be used in an upcoming television episode. The person who told me wasn't exactly sure of the show; he thought it was CSI. Since I hardly watch television, I had no clue what the choices might be. Anyway, it's one of those crime investigation shows. They will be filming next Tuesday.

The reason for using our building: they had a scene that needed a run-down, abandoned warehouse. I guess their location scouts were proud of themselves because they found our place and it fit the bill exactly without requiring any work. Well actually, they're going to put some boards on the windows and spray paint some graffiti on the boards to heighten the effect, although if you ask me they really don't need to do anything at all and it will still be convincing. At least we get a few hundred bucks from the studio for being their perfect, run-down, abandoned warehouse crime scene.

And that's the kind of dump I work in. Haha.. I kid you not.

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