Sunday, September 4, 2011

Apple is more evil than Microsoft

Yesterday Katie brought over her Mac Pro so I could upgrade the memory and hard drive. I had gotten the replacement items from my favorite computer store, Newegg, and was all set to open up the laptop case and do the replacing.

I turned over the laptop and did a double take. Were those the screws??? I never saw anything so tiny. Just these really little chrome circles with and "x" carved out in the middle. My smallest screwdrivers, even the jewelers ones and the ones for repairing eyeglasses, were too big.

Grrr... why do they have to make this so difficult? When I changed the memory and hard drive in my own PC-based laptop I didn't need any special tools. So we drove over to Home Depot and bought a screwdriver set containing 000 and 00 blades.

We came back and I opened the case. When I removed the bottom the first thing that came to mind is how cheap and flimsy the plastic was. It looks like it is a fancy metal case but that's about it - it just looks that way. In reality, it's just cheap plastic.

I replaced the memory, which was pretty easy. Now it was the hard drive's turn. I unscrewed the mounting bracket, no problem. Then I removed the drive and noticed that the screws set in the side of the drive, which had to be removed to put into the new drive, were not your regular kind of screws. These were torx screws, and I had no torx screwdriver and no allen wrench small enough to fit.

Grrr... so back we went to Home Depot to get a torx screwdriver set. All just for four stupid little screws. We got back and it was very easy to remove the screws, using the right equipment.

The point is, what is the point of making this so difficult? Just so you have to do what they recommend in the manual, which is take it to an Apple store and have one of their technicians, who probably "graduated" to that job from being a member of the Best Buy Geek Squad, do the same thing and charge you a pretty penny for it? It is not rocket science.. it is very easy to do this IF you have the right tools, which I would say nearly everyone doesn't. The same operations on a PC-based laptop could be easily accomplished as well, and I'd say nearly everyone already has the necessary phillips screwdriver needed for the task.

But I realize that doesn't make Apple evil. So why the title of this blog post?

Because Apple tries to make it seem like they are the "good guys." Like they are against the grain and are not a big, evil corporation but believe me, they are one of the biggest and they have an excellent marketing plan that reeks of greedy capitalist big evil corporationism. What makes an Apple laptop worth more than twice as much as any other laptop with similar specs? It certainly isn't the construction or materials. Sure, they look nice and perform well but not to the tune of being 2x more expensive. Their stuff is made in China just like pretty much everything else. Same holds true for any other Apple product.

When it comes to being sneaky, Apple has Microsoft beat hands down. If you think you are being "different" by buying Apple, you are truly buying into exactly what their marketing team wants you to do, and for that I must congratulate them. But in reality, Apple is no different from any other huge corporation that wants their hands on your wallet as much as possible.

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