Sunday, August 7, 2011


I did my usual trek to Costo this morning. It wasn't very crowded (i.e., it was pleasant) and I ended up buying some clothes. I've been on a clothing kick lately; I will go for a long stretch of time not buying anything, then all of a sudden have a short burst of buying the next batch to last for the next long stretch. I said I've been wearing the same things for a long time and Julie said everything I wear looks the same so one notices anyway, haha..

The thing about buying clothes from Costco is trying to find the right size is not easy because everything is set out in big stacks on the table. So if you are looking for a particular size and the item is not folded in a way that makes it conducive to seeing the size right away, it can be a maddening search, compounded by how there is no rhyme or reason to how the sizes are organized (they simply aren't). On top of that, sometimes it seems all they have are XL sizes. Whole stacks of nothing but XL sizes. Why don't they buy a decent mix, or is that what society is like now - nearly everyone is XL?

Still, it is worth rummaging. Costo doesn't have the greatest selection but what they do have is at prices that are at or lower than other store's "sale" prices.

On the way home we ran into a traffic jam on the freeway. By the time it cleared up there was no clue as to what caused it in the first place.

I notice that there is just more and more traffic - it gets worse and worse. It used to be that weekends were relatively light but such is no longer the case. At times they are worse because during the week you have people who want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible so they waste on time, but the weekends have time-wasters. And all it takes is one time-waster to slow down an entire freeway.

Anyway, we went to a few places today and there was plenty of traffic everywhere. Some was downright jammed up just like what we encountered on the way back from Costco.

I think we have reached a state of saturation.

We have overloaded the capabilities of our infrastructure.

Some key words/phrases that came to mind when thinking about just how crowded things are here in So Cal were: saturation; Peter Principle; and house of cards. We have reached a saturation level, which is particularly frightening considering the Peter Principle is at play, and society is pretty much like a house of cards..

Does it do much good pondering global things like that? Probably not.. just trying to find the right size clothing at Costco is enough to worry about.

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