Sunday, August 28, 2011

more catching up

A truck broke the driver's side rear-view mirror on my car the other day. Now that I have switched positions at work, I'm in the building on the corner and we really don't have a parking lot so I park on the street.

People have told me not to park too close to the corner because there are a lot of big trucks in our ghetto industrial neighborhood that turn too sharply and sideswipe cars parked by the corner. That happened to one of our sales reps a few years ago and it was amazing how smashed-in his car was.

I normally get to work pretty early and there are lots of parking spaces. This particular day I was still early but there were more cars, including one in the spot where I usually park. So I parked across the street. As I parked, I was wondering if I was too close to the corner. I hesitated and thought, no, this should be okay because there was still enough space for a car to park in front of me. Then I stopped and thought about it again and once again thought it should be okay.

I got out of the car and locked the door and stopped still once more. Should I move it? Naw...

Later that morning one of the girls in the office called and told me that a truck hit my car. A big 18-wheeler was turning and, just as I had been warned happens, it hit my car while turning. Another girl had gone outside to stop the guy, who claimed he wasn't even aware he had hit anything (which, given the size of the truck, was believable).

When I got there, he was trying to put the cover of the mirror back on. I got all of his information and of course he didn't want me to report the accident. He claimed he would pay me but at the time he hardly had any money so he couldn't do anything right then. I said wait until I find out how much it is going to cost.

Turns out it was $184 to replace the mirror, because it has a motor mechanism and the whole assembly had to be replaced. I called and told him this. First thing he said was that he had a "friend" who could fix it and he wanted me to take the car over there. I said no, I wanted to money. So then he said he was in Georgia right now and he would stop by the office and give me the money when he came back (which is supposed to be next week).

Of course there wasn't much I could say so I told him fine, stop by the office and I would be there.

Now is he going to show up? Personally, I doubt it. At least the damage wasn't exorbitant but if he doesn't show up I am wondering what to do. I guess I will call and threaten to report it to the insurance company and the police as well, then see what he does.

Anyway, how is it that everyone who damages your car just happens to have a friend in the auto repair business? That is such a coincidence..

I remember long time ago a truck backed into my car (when it was parked at Tito's Tacos, no less). Their insurance company paid for a rental while mine was being repaired. One morning I was driving the rental to work when all of a sudden another car lunged right into me like it was the shark from Jaws. Some stupid girl who lived down the street had made a u-turn right into my car. She said her windows were all fogged up and she couldn't see where she was going.

And, it just happened that her boyfriend worked at an auto repair place and they could fix my car! Or rather, the rental car. Well, back then I was stupid so I actually gave her a chance but of course nothing ever happened so I had to report it to the insurance company.

Then every day after that when I drove down the block I had an unpleasant reminder by looking at her dented up car parked in front of her house.

Anyway, I'll let you know what happens with getting reimbursed for the mirror.

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