Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today's title is literal. My coworker's daughter-in-law (well, ex daughter in law but she lives with her.. go figure) found a baby hummingbird in their backyard that was unable to fly.

Since there's no one at the house to take care of it, my coworker has been bringing it to work every day, in a shoe box. Below are some pictures of it - it's sitting on top of a rumpled plaid blanket or scarf and is about 2" tall. It's fed sugar water from a thin straw, which you can see in the last picture.

The person in the office next to her doesn't like it at all because birds terrify her. Even this little hummingbird.. Excuse the blurry pictures. That little red dot at the tip of the beak is a drop of dried-up sugar water, and not part of the beak.

That reminded me of this song from the good ol' days:

Oh, and a note about yesterday's post about folks who use IE having a lower IQ - it was a fraud. No such study was made. Among browsers, though, I'd say that IE has the lowest IQ.

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