Monday, August 29, 2011

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I'm currently reading Ron Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto. It is very interesting. Its overall premise is that our government has strayed far beyond the Constitution, and its framework and ideals set forth by our founding fathers. It's a collection of examples of just how screwed up our country is in the major issues facing us all.

It's a depressing book because it makes so much sense.

Personally, while he makes a lot of sense, Ron Paul has little chance of ever being elected president. He lacks the charisma. He lacks form over substance, something that our current president has in generous proportions.

The way I see it, the way we try and fix our problems in this country is like this:

Let's look at our problems as being a giant balloon (which keeps getting bigger, by the way, being filled with more and more problems).

Our government tries to fix a problem by squeezing on one part of the balloon to make it smaller. However, when you do that, another part of the balloon gets bigger. So the overall volume of problems remains constant (actually, just think of it as a balloon hooked up to an air pump so it steadily increases in size).

Government keeps squeezing different areas of the balloon and making it a little smaller but it just shifts the air to other parts that get bigger, plus more and more air keeps entering the balloon so it gets bigger still. Then as more air gets in, those areas that had gotten smaller just start getting bigger again.

What government ought to do is figure out a way to let the air out of the balloon. The air will still keep coming from the pump but you've got to let more air out than what goes in.

That's like how the deficit is. The deficit is that balloon. They try and reduce expenses in one area but then use those savings to spend like crazy in another area. Meanwhile, overall spending keeps increasing so the balloon gets bigger and bigger. True expense reduction would mean letting air out of the balloon faster than air enters, but noooooo, that is a foreign concept to our government.

And it isn't just government to blame. You've got all these voters calling for a reduction of spending, just as long as the reduction doesn't affect them because after all, they are entitled to their entitlements. So just reduce someone else's part of this balloon and leave mine alone, please.

You know what happens when balloons get too big... they simply pop. And then there's nothing for anyone.

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