Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Last Saturday, the day after my colonoscopy, I "celebrated" the good news by devouring a hamburger and fries for lunch. Yes, I know, that's like those folks who go on a diet and when they reach their goal they go to Hometown Buffet or another all you can eat place and gorge themselves silly.

I rarely have hamburgers or fries these days, and it's been like that since the surgery I had back in 2007; quite a change from my old habits! But once in a while I'll take a break from the regimen and eat something that isn't so healthy.

We were going to go to In-N-Out but since it was kind of late and also sweltering hot outside we figured it would be too crowded - even the parking lot would be too crowded and we'd have to walk in the hot sun so instead we went to a place we never tried before. The burger was decent and the fries were only average, being the kind that come frozen in a big bag. I was thinking, having a burger and fries really isn't anything "special." Maybe it would have been had we gone to In-N-Out instead, but just overall I've gotten used to doing without so it's not so much of a treat to eat the forbidden fruit, so to speak.

Last Wednesday, I wasn't allowed to eat any fruits, veggies or nuts in preparation for the procedure. I found myself missing not being able to have my usual fruit, or to eat salad and veggies with dinner. What's this world coming to, anyway?

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