Wednesday, July 6, 2011

stupid is as stupid does

Last night one of the features on the news showed the arrest of a couple of guys who had been shining laser pointers at helicopter and airplane pilots near the airport. This had been happening pretty frequently so the police arranged a sting operation using a dummy copter whose pilot wore protective glasses. The laser came up, police located the house where it was coming from, went there and brought out all the occupants and handcuffed them on the front lawn.

It was determined that two of them were the offending parties so they were taken away and the rest released. The younger sister of one of the guys was interviewed and she said over and over, what a stupid thing they were doing and how they were stupid, stupid, stupid.

I thought that was pretty funny because normally people refuse to make comments like that about family members. I bet her parents were horrified but I found it refreshing that someone would come out and just speak the plain truth because that truth is, her brother and his friend were indeed stupid (to put it mildly and politely). Good for her to speak up like that! Of course she probably got a whoopin' when her parents watched the news.

During the same newscast, we were told that employee theft has increased lately, and that's a good thing.

Why is it a good thing? The explanation, given by so-called "experts" was that in a bad economy employees are too afraid to steal from work from fear of being caught and losing their jobs; since the economy is bad it would be difficult to find another job.

In a better economy, employees are willing to take more risks because if they get caught it is easier to find a job.

Therefore, the "experts" reasoned that since employee theft is on the rise, so must be the economy.

I think these experts are more STUPID than those two guys shining lasers at copters and planes.

I thought accounting was the only profession in which the answer is whatever you want it to be, but I suppose the same holds true of whatever field these experts consider themselves to be experts. Perhaps behavioral psychology? Sociology?

You can just as easily argue that employee theft is on the rise because the economy is still in the pits and not getting any better. That makes people more likely to steal because hey, they need money! And when people need money, they Wow, what a theory! I ought to be an expert on a newscast myself.

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