Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Luis Obispo

After checking in, we drove to the downtown SLO area, parked and walked around. It seems like every single space has a meter, and the meter has a 2-hour limit. The downtown area is a very pleasant place to walk. The weather was gorgeous, it wasn't too crowded (I guess most of the students had gone somewhere for the summer) and everything was so clean and relaxed.

Here's some random pics:

The picture below didn't turn out too well. It was a space filled with rows and rows of computers, with people (mainly kids) just sitting there using them for the internet or playing games. That's all it was. I guess that replaced the pinball arcades I used to go to back in college.

My Yelp research said that the place to go was the Firestone Grill, where more than a few folks (out of 700+ reviews) said the tri-tip sandwiches were heavenly. So that's where we went for dinner.

Here's a picture of what made them famous, which is what I ordered. The reviews weren't kidding - this was some really delicious tri-tip, perfectly cooked, juicy and tender. The rolls were slightly buttered and toasted and the sandwich plain was plenty yummy although the BBQ sauce was really good, too. They piled the meat high and every bit of it was great.

The french fries were sort of like In-N-Out fries but had some seasoning on them. They were good but not great.

Julie went for a grilled chicken sandwich, which she said was really good. They didn't skimp on the portions of anything, that's for sure.

Now before you think they skimped on the salad, I have to say that I forgot to take a picture of it until we'd eaten most of it. So this is what was left by the time I remembered.

Here's the menu (click the picture or any of them for that matter, to enlarge).

After that huge meal we walked around some more to try and shake off all those calories. If you like tri tip and are headed up the SLO way, the Firestone Grill is highly recommended.

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