Friday, July 15, 2011

on the road again

We just returned from a short jaunt up north - one night in Santa Barbara and one in San Luis Obispo. It was nice getting away from here and just served to motivate me to figure out some way to retire soon.

We started out in the traditional way, by stopping at In-N-Out for lunch. Normally on the trips up north it will be the location in Santa Maria but since we got a later start this time, we ate at the one in Ventura. Not quite as nice, but the same standards of quality in terms of food and service - i.e., you can depend on a good experience.

I'll just touch on a few highlights of the journey and post some pics for you.

It had been several years since visiting the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History - the kids were a lot younger the last time. This time it was just Julie and me but I thought it would be nice to go check it out again and see how much it had changed. It used to be pretty much an annual stop for us and I missed going there.

Here are some pics with a few comments sprinkled here and there..

This hasn't changed - the blue whale skeleton outside the entrance.

There was a butterfly/moth exhibit inside of a tented area - hundreds of them flitting around, very tame.

Here is a Giant Swallowtail, the largest butterfly in the U.S.

Here's a very large Luna Moth.

Here's something else that hasn't changed, the creek that runs alongside the museum and affords an area for kids to play and explore. Greg and Katie used to love running around down there.

We found this by the stream. Just kidding.. it is behind glass in one of the exhibits. It's real and alive.

So is this one.

And this one, too.

I remember this from the last time as well - an exhibit showing all of the different types of insects in the area.

Here is what happens if you misbehave. You are forever labeled as a troublemaker. These two were probably making fun of the other birds in the area.

And it looks like even the birds are fed up with politicians.

Bye bye, museum. Admission for adults is $11 and it is well worth it.

More tomorrow..

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