Saturday, July 16, 2011

more vacation

I used Yelp to find some reasonably-priced recommendations for dinner. One of the most oft-reviewed placed was Brophy Brothers, a seafood restaurant at the Santa Barbara harbor. We decided to go there.

You know, for all the times I've been to Santa Barbara, and the countless times driving past, not once have I gone to the harbor. We've been to Stearns Wharf and walked along the beach/ocean but never the harbor. Well there's always a first time and based on the reviews, going to Brophy's was as good a reason as any.

It didn't disappoint. We went relatively early (before 6) to avoid the crowds. There was a wait for the outside tables so we decided to eat indoors.

Here are some pictures:

We both started with Caesar salads.. mine with the dressing mixed in.

Julie's with dressing on the side.

She had the seafood pasta. Plenty of shrimp and scallops mixed with linguine.

I had the Cajun blackened sea bass.

Anchor Steam beer goes well with seafood. It goes well with lots of stuff, actually.

How was it? The food and service were both excellent. Our waiter actually looked like Prince William. Julie told him that and he said yes, that's what he has been told. I should've taken a picture.

The Yelpers were right, Brophy's is definitely worth visiting. The food is good and you get plenty of it. We were so stuffed afterwards, so we decided to head over to State Street and do some walking. I'll post some pics of that tomorrow.

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