Monday, July 11, 2011

more sleep

Back when I was in kindergarten I remember having nap time. Us kids would go pull out these brown folding mats, lay them on the floor, then lie down on them to take a nap. Maybe one or two kids might have actually fallen asleep, and we laughed at them and called them babies, but the rest of us were wide awake and bored silly. I know I was.

I realize now that the teacher probably just wanted some peace and quiet so she told us all to take a nap. I also realize now that these days there would probably be some sort of law suit about how unsanitary it was to lie down on a mat that some other kid had used the day before and who knows where that kid had been.

But sleep-wise, I don't remember ever being sleepy when I was in elementary school. Or in junior high for that matter or school in general. I think I got more sleep back then; in elementary school my bed time was ridiculously early (like 8 or 8:30) and I didn't have to wake up particularly early, either. In high school I'd go to sleep later, like 11:00 but again, I didn't have to wake up really early.

In other words, I got more sleep back then. That's probably why I was so bored on those brown mats, because I had gotten enough sleep the night before.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we had a siesta or nap time at the office now? I'm sure we could all use it but the idea is just too foreign to even think about. The other drawback to that is it would mean staying at work longer to make up for the time lost during the nap. I would rather just be sleepy.

Come to think of it, why do we work on average 8 hours a day, anyway? Why is that the "standard?" I know back in the "old" days when we were more of an agricultural society people tending farms worked much longer days - dawn until dusk. So maybe you can say we've evolved to a better standard, although if you ask me there are still too many of us on the road early in the morning and way too many in the afternoon part of rush hour.

Is it me or does it seem like we are getting busier and busier? Perhaps one reason is because there are more alternatives available now to grab our attention. More possibilities, more things we want to do, but the amount of time in which to do it is fixed. If we had less choices then maybe we'd feel better? Well technology is not going to let that happen. It's like you get used to a certain standard and you can't go back because it feels like you're missing out if you do.

Then you wind up wishing you had more free time. That's why I keep wishing I could retire, I guess. Time winds up being like money - there's no end to wanting more of it. But the more you get the more you use and then you run out..

Haha.. I gotta stop thinking like that!

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