Sunday, July 31, 2011


When I go out for my exercise, one street bordering the school has a strip of dirt alongside the sidewalk and every spring/summer there are several red ant nests spread out on that strip.

I notice that frequently, someone has gone to the trouble of kicking or spreading dirt to cover up those nests, so the ants on the outside are running around with no way to get back in since the entrance has been covered with dirt.

It makes me wonder, why do people do stuff like that? Same reason they kick dogs? Even if you don't like the ants, putting dirt over their nest isn't going to make them go away. They just dig themselves out.

Then I was thinking of how that is just like how our government tackles issues. Like the current budget crisis, or things such as the health care mess. They just try and kick dirt over it to cover it up but the problem digs itself out and is right back where it was. Meanwhile, like those red ants, the problem multiplies.

Yup, that's our government at work.. but then I don't think our government is much different than any other country's government. The Peter Principle is demonstrated no matter where you are.

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