Tuesday, July 12, 2011

another blog

A while ago I mentioned I follow a couple of personal blogs of persons I never met and don't know at all, but what they have to write is interesting enough for me to be nosy and read it.

One of them hardly ever writes anything and I will just check in once in a while. The other person, a 75 year old man (he was 75 at the time so now he is older) writes faithfully. More faithfully in writing than I am in reading, too. For a long time I stopped checking out his blog and then not too long ago Katie (who is the one who told me about the blog in the first place) said that now he's including pictures.

The guy lives up in the Monterey area, an area that I think is beautiful. So I checked out his blog again and yup, now there are pictures. Pictures of the people and places and pets he blogs about, and quite a few, too. I really get a kick out of his blog and am glad I have started reading it again. I also admire the guy for being so faithful and handy enough with not only his computer but getting pictures uploaded as well at his age.

If you're interested, here is the link but you have to be registered on Xanga to view the blog. Click here.

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