Monday, July 18, 2011

and still more

Before checking into our lodging in San Luis Obispo, we took a drive southward along the coast through Shell Beach and Pismo Beach. What a beautiful area. I'm not sure exactly what city we were in, but it sure would be nice to live in one of the houses right across from the ocean.

Here are some pictures:

It sure would be nice to say, hey, here we are across the street from our new home!

Here is some woman walking her bird..

The house on the right was for sale.

There were flyers by the sign and we discovered the house was listed for only $1,895,000. Must be because of the economy.. If you click here, you can take an online tour of the house and dream like we did (note: I recommend Internet Explorer to view it; as much as I hate that browser, it would not play correctly in Firefox).

The UPS guy found a great place to sort his packages:

After enjoying the area, we drove into town and walked around a bit. Here are some pictures of the beach town:

From there we drove up to San Luis Obispo. More tomorrow..

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