Sunday, June 26, 2011


Gee it's been a while since the last post.. June 12. I didn't realize it had been that long. I've been super busy with stuff.

Today we happened to be out in the area around lunchtime so we went to Philippe's. We got there right about noon and boy, was it crowded! It took a long time to get to the front of the line to get our dip sandwiches.

The sandwiches were pretty good, same as always, but I was thinking it definitely is not worth making a special trip for the food. It's crowded, the traffic is bad, it's right in the middle of urban blight and, well, I guess everyone should experience it once since it is a famous landmark but that's enough.

Today was load-up-on-food day.. Last year Julie won a $50 Claim Jumper gift card at work and finally we decided to use it for dinner. I made online reservations but it looked like we didn't need it. The days of the place being super-crowded appear to be in the past, perhaps because of the economy.

The prices aren't that expensive, though. And the food was good. They're known for large portions and they didn't disappoint. Julie had meatloaf and I had tri-tip and we both took doggy bags. If you want to add a small salad or soup to your entree it is an extra $4.69 and maybe that's where they hit you because the Caesar salads we both ordered were pretty small. If you just order the entree, the prices are very reasonable. The food was a lot better than our recent excursion to the North Woods Inn for a birthday party (I wrote about that back on May 31). That was an onslaught of oil, butter and grease whereas today's meal at the Claim Jumper did not have that sort of excess.

One of the things I received lately from the Amazon Vine program is a Lorex digital security camera. It came earlier in the week and I haven't even opened the box yet. I'm trying to think of where to put it - probably looking out to the front porch?

Oh and despite being busy, I still make time for Costco, of course. Last weekend they had a sample/display and were selling three varieties of bulgolgi - beef, pork and chicken. You could mix and match three packages for $10 so we bought a three pack, one of each meat. This was one of those "weekend only" deals of items normally not sold at Costco. The samples were very good.. so good that we went back the next day and bought two more three-packs since who knows how long it will be before they become a regularly-stocked item. We've made the pork and chicken so far, and they're both delicious. If this vendor happens to show up at your Costco, make sure and buy some.

That's all for now..

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Elisabeth L. Uyeda said...

Rickie, I went to Lazy Dog Cafe in Cerritos last weekend. Decent food, extensive menu, beautiful restaurant with wood beams; and doggy decor, my favorite. Going to be also opening in West Covina soon.