Monday, June 13, 2011

no wonder our kids are stupid

I was reading some reviews on Yelp about Joe's Pizza in Monterey Park. I've never been there; the pizzas look good in the pictures but the place has some pretty mixed reviews.

I thought I would reprint one of the reviews, a very critical (one star) one, not because of what the reviewer said about the eatery itself, but because this person is supposedly a teacher. This is exactly as it appears on Yelp:

I called Joe's Pizza today to order a Pizza, Joe answered and I ask a question, What to see if they could deliver 10 pizza to a school down the road in Monterey Park where I teach. But Joe for Joe Pizza acted as thought he had no time for me!

Joe, actually seem surprised that I was asking Question? He replied, abruptly "what can I get for you"! After that he rudely ask if I was done. He was so abrupt and short with me. He said, he had a customer., So what was I, not customer. Joe needs to go buy some class and learn customer relations.

This rude Guy Joe should not be in business with that attitude he has. He was so rude, I was going to order 10 pies for our classroom's Easter party! Will use another vendor!

No body needs that. Stay away from this Joe Pizza the owner is RUDE and lack the human understanding of the business and customer service.

Maybe Joe couldn't understand what this person was saying? Could be.. the reviewer should have mentioned where she teaches so we can make sure we keep our kids away from that school.

I; will be, later back?


Elisabeth L. Uyeda said...

I hear you Rickie!

Robbie said...

Yikes, this is like the work email messages!