Sunday, May 22, 2011


Just a heads up, this weekend you can peruse the yearbook collection that has been scanned at for free.

So if there's people you know now and wondered what they look like in high school, here is your chance to check that out. Unfortunately there's a bunch of holes in terms of years available but still it is a decent collection and where else are you going to find so many all in one place?

It was interesting looking up some friends - although it requires knowing their high school and years of attendance if they aren't registered on Classmates and are searchable.

Here's a picture of my high school buddy David, who is identified in the picture as Davie Ritie. I wonder if he did that on purpose or they just mangled his name because as I recall, his handwriting was the best example of chicken scratches I've ever seen.

I was surprised to see how short his hair was, especially for our times (1972) but then I remembered he was working at Ralph's back then and when he had to get his hair cut for work, we thought it was really, really short. So you are looking at an example of what is considered "short" hair back when we went to high school. In other words, the ears were visible.

Anyway, go head on over and take a look while the looking is free.


Robbie said...

So our graduating annual hasn't been scanned. LOL, is this good or bad...!

Rickie Miyake said...

Haha.. so do you still have yours? I have mine. I can scan some of the pages and post it here. The good ol' days, eh?